Short Stories From The Dreaming by Gina Briganti

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A Post by Gina Briganti

GinaShort Stories From The Dreaming is available now in both Kindle and paperback editions from

The stories in the novella are:

Jenny and Cat Sing Karaoke, or what happened at the Carapelli house while Dana and Joe were enjoying their first official date.

How Meredith and George Got Together is how Joe learns the story of how his fiancées parents started their lifelong romance.

The morning after the last day in The Dreaming is When Dana Met Joe’s Family on a holiday camping trip.

If you’re new to my Natural Gifts series of Uplifting Paranormal Romances, I recommend that you read them in this order:

The Dreaming (Natural Gifts, book 1)

Short Stories From The Dreaming (Natural Gifts Novella 1.1)

Desert Sunrise (Natural Gifts, book 2)

Thank you to all who have supported my writing.  It means so much more to me, when I am able to share it with you.

And guess what?  I’m busy writing Saunders’ Choice, where Velvet (The Dreaming) has her chance at love.

As always. thank you for everything!


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