Winter’s Magic

Winter's Magic 3D A1


Anthony Trollope called it the ‘City of Churches’, with it’s picturesque skyline and the wide, green bands of park land.

But under the pretty facade  lies hidden a dark underbelly…

And The Order is watching.

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Due out 4th September 2014

Book Blurb

Kaitlyn Winter is biting at the bit to become an active agent for the Restricted Practitioners Unit.  And on her first day in the job she is thrown into a virtual s**t storm (to put it nicely).

First, she gets targeted for Assassination by The Sharda’s top assassin

Second, her Werewolf best friend decides that her being ‘Straight’ means she can’t protect herself and places her in protective custody

Third, the love of her life still won’t notice her existence and the Tempus Mage who’s set to keep an eye on her is infuriatingly attractive….

Theme song : Lakini’s Juice by Live (Album Secret Samadhi)

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